Due to the outpouring of support that we have recieved from the September 7th Front Page article in the Philadelphia Inquirer ,We have                     been granted an extention of our lease .We want to thank our Landlord , Federal Realty Investment Trust for their cooperation.                                                                                                                  
Celebrating 60 Years - - - and Saying Goodbye

    With happiness I announce that this month John Troncelliti Barber Shop, which opened in September 1960, will observe it’s 60th anniversary. And with sadness I announce that I will be leaving my barber shop after 48 years. I want thank all of our great customers, who in turn, have become great friends. It has been so rewarding to serve multiple generations of families here in Wynnewood. I also want to thank all the barbers who were part of my team and made our success possible.

    Although I am leaving this barber shop, I am not retiring. I will still be serving clients at another barber shop, . The location will be anounced at a later time . One thing for sure: I will not putting in as much time as I have been since I started as a 20 year old apprentice 48 years ago.

    My long tenure here in Wynnewood was actually my second go-round. My father, Rudolph who founded this barber shop, convinced me to begin working here- sweeping the floor and shining shoes, among other duties – when I was 10 years old. Remembering how much I enjoyed my first job and the atmosphere of a great neighborhood barber shop, I came back on May 30, 1972- and have been here ever since.

    Despite the challenges of COVID-19 (including being shut down for 15 weeks), I have enjoyed tremendous success. As I leave the Wynnewood Shopping Center, I am grateful for many fond memories and having had the chance to fulfill dreams that I never imagined would come true. My philosophy is to quit while your ahead. My mother, is 94 and my father made it to 93, so I have longevity on my side, and so there is still some gas in this tank of mine.

    For now, it’s time to say goodbye to Wynnewood and hello to more freedom. I enjoyed a sneak preview while on my 15 week hiatus last spring. I spent many hours of quality time with my best and most loyal friend and supporter, my wonderful wife Charlene, who has been intrinsic to all I’ve achieved and the greatest joy of my life . In the months and years ahead, Char and I hope to indulge our passion for travel, enjoy many new adventures and experiences, and make many new memories.

    But no matter where the path ahead takes me, I will never forget all of you and the good times we had together. I can be reached at (610) 642-6848 or My email is: mainlinebarber@gmail.com. My website is troncellitibarbershop.com


In order to provide the most efficicient means of delivering our services, there will be a limit of 8 people( 4 Customers 4 Barbers) at any one time in the barbershop due to the 50% capacity requirement set forth by The State Board of Barber Examiners.
  • All Barbers and Customers are requred to wear a mask or other appropriate facial covering.
  • Customers must wait outside of the barbershop or in their vehicles after checking in a Queue (First Come , First Served Basis)
  • Customers must be in the parking lot & have the ability to be reached by cellphone, in order to come into the barbershop  immediately when called. 
  • Customers with no cellphone must wait outside on the premises , & be ready immediately when called.
  • Customer will lose their place in the Queue, if they do not immediately enter the Barbershop when called upon on  by us on their cellphone.voicemail must be turned off and a live person must answer when called.  
We would like to thank our customers, for their patients & understanding with  our situation, and for your dedicated patronage over the years.

 You can email us at :   mainlinebarber@gmail.com